To apply Islamic ShariƔh principles in everything we do.


To honor all commitments made to our Partners, Employees and Stakeholders.

Risk Tolerance

To create an environment where entrepreneurship and prudent risk taking are encouraged and rewarded.


To provide unrivalled service excellence and support to each and every client.

Welcome to Guardian Investment!

Guardian Investment LLC (Guardian) is a boutique, multi-disciplinary Islamic investment and advisory firm based in Dubai, UAE and specializes in both traditional and alternative investment opportunities. Our primary objective is to engage in Principal Investment (PI) activities within UAE, investing in building a well diversified business and real estate portfolio. Guardian also engages in providing Bespoke Investment Services (BIS) to our Partners/Principles in sourcing and advising on lucrative Shariah compliant investment opportunities within UAE/globally.

About Us

Passion. Integrity. Performance.

Building a well-diversified Business and Real Estate Portfolio, culminating in a healthy risk-adjusted rate of return to all Stakeholders.

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Guardian Investment

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